Behind the Lens: Tiffany Hedman and Alison Stroming pose for Capezio at USA IBC Jackson

Professional ballerinas and Capezio Athletes Tiffany Hedman and Alison Stroming recently visited Jackson, Mississippi for the prestigious USA International Ballet Competition. While in Jackson, the two enjoyed a photo shoot with Capezio at scenic locations all across the city. Here they give us some insight into the experience.

Did you enjoy your time at USA IBC in Jackson?

Tiffany Hedman
“I very much enjoyed being in Jackson, Mississippi, where a lot of up-and-coming artists and current, well-known judges were present.”

Alison Stroming

Stunning Alison Stroming poses in Capezio during the Jackson photo shoot.

Alison Stroming
“It was my first time at USA IBC, as well as my first time visiting Jackson, Mississippi. Although we didn’t have time to watch any of the competition because of our schedule, I did get to catch up with a good friend from Australia who was competing. I have never competed in a ballet competition but it is certainly exciting to see such talented dancers from all over the world and how much hard work and focus they put into the competition.”

Did you enjoy your photo shoot with Capezio?

Tiffany Hedman
“I have to say I have never not enjoyed my time at a Capezio photo shoot. Nina Vance [Capezio's EVP of Global Marketing] is just a delight to work with and having positive feedback from her just adds to the experience. Making it be a group effort with the photographer, myself, the other dancers and her is so rewarding. Everyone has a different side to what they see out of one picture and with all of our eyes together we came out with some pretty amazing photos.”

Alison Stroming
“Yes, of course! Capezio is a professional team of incredible people which overall makes the experience a pleasure. It was great because they had a lot of ideas about locations and wardrobe coming into the shoot so it was very organized and we knew what to shoot next. They were also very open to feedback during the photo shoot. If something didn’t work they would help guide me to fixing it or just come up with another idea.”

Where did you shoot the photos?

Tiffany Hedman
“We shot all around Jackson; some outdoors, some indoors, some in the city, some in a park.”

Capezio Athlete Tiffany Hedman

Gorgeous Tiffany Hedman highlights her strength and flexibility, while wearing Capezio in the Jackson shoot.

What was the experience like?

Alison Stroming
“Right when I arrived in Jackson from California I was told we were going to start shooting, since there was still sunlight. I went straight into doing my hair and makeup for the shoot. We shot over four days in four completely different locations. The city definitely offered a variety of locations, from swamps and forests to rundown buildings and unique architecture. Weather in Jackson is very unpredictable. It can be bright and sunny one minute, then thundering and raining the next. We would shoot one look then have to quickly run into our car to stay covered when a storm would pass. I modeled both classical and contemporary looks for the upcoming fall look book. It was a lot of fun shooting the contemporary looks because I got to think outside of the box and come up with interesting poses. I also styled my curly hair big and crazy, which was a lot of fun and different for me.”

Why do you choose to wear Capezio and model for Capezio?

Tiffany Hedman
“I choose to wear Capezio because it is the company I trust. I have worked with them for over 15 years now and the consistency of their quality never falters. They have changed and adapted with me throughout my career and they never stop continuing to strive for excellence, which is the way I like to work as well. So it’s no surprise that I take any opportunity I can, to be a model for them. Anything I can do to show my support and loyalty to the company I owe so much, I will do.”

Alison Stroming
“I love working with Capezio and they have always been so supportive. I love my Capezio pointe shoes, they’re definitely a product I stand behind; I’m comfortable putting my image on a shoe that I wear every day.”

What’s your favorite thing about a photo shoot?

Tiffany Hedman
“My favorite thing about this photo shoot was being in the wonderful company of Nina Vance, Matt Wagemann (our photographer), and dancer and friend Alison Stroming. Dance is supposed to be fun and I think we all accomplished making this dance photo shoot fun!”

Alison Stroming

Alison Stroming wearing Capezio Basics.

Alison Stroming
“I have always enjoyed taking pictures and being in front of the camera. Photographs are an expressive art form and you can show movement in a still picture, which I think is a great skill to have as a dancer. I also enjoy modeling all of the leotards, skirts and dancewear that Capezio supplies for the photo shoot.”

What are your favorite Capezio products?

Tiffany Hedman
“Well, there are too many to list, but number one on my list would have to be, of course, my Capezio pointe shoes. They support my whole life. Without them, I would not have the career I have now. I can’t help to also acquire many of their leotards and tights as well. I can never have too many nice quality dependable products in my locker from Capezio.”

Alison Stroming
“My pointe shoes. I have been wearing the same shoe, Capezio Elans, ever since I started pointe when I was nine years old. They’re reliable, consistent and so generously sponsored by Capezio for me. Thank you Capezio!”


Article by Deborah Searle of Dance Informa.

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