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Matt Flint and Tom Shilcock direct Capezio video

Capezio Commerical

Capezio Athletes and European dance stars Matt Flint and Tom Shilcock recently joined forces to choreograph and direct a new promotional video for Capezio Europe. Showcasing Capezio’s gorgeous dancewear and shoes, the video features professional dancers Charlie Bruce and Lukas

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Introducing Airess – a new standard in pointe technology

Airess by Capezio

While the Capezio brand stays true to its tradition, it also continually looks toward the future, with an eye for innovation and technological advancement. The Capezio history dates back to the original shoemaker, Salvatore Capezio, who at 17, opened up

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Seven Dance Competition Catastrophes

Competition Dancer

Capezio Athletes dish on their competition nightmares. Even some of the most experienced dancers have had a performance flub – a fall, a misstep, a costume malfunction. But that’s one thing that makes the live art of dance so interesting

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Capezio Awards Young Talent at Showcase

Showcase Dance

In January, Showcase National Dance Championship named its 2014 champions at a huge nationals event at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast in Australia. Placing at Showcase is a huge achievement, as Showcase is the country’s largest dance competition with

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10 Things Only Competition Dancers Understand

Dance Competition Awards

#1. Screaming for people on stage is not a faux pas. When you walk on that stage and hear people screaming and yelling your name, or ‘WERK!’ or ‘YES!’, you feel empowered and supported. It’s when you don’t hear people

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Finding balance: Two essential tips beyond the tips of your toes


If you are a ballet dancer, or if you’ve ever studied ballet, you know the feeling that comes over you when you’re up “en pointe,” and you feel as if the sky’s the limit. The energy swooshes up inside of

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A Thoughtful Dance: Mind-Body Synchronization


There are so many facets that represent who we are as human beings: our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and everything in between. Like a well-oiled machine, our minds and bodies work in tandem to create a certain energy and flow, and

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Debbie Allen Directs Capezio Tapsonic Video

Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen is an icon of dance, much like Capezio. Continuously making her mark on the dance and entertainment industry, Ms. Allen is a dancer, actor, choreographer, director, producer, and studio owner who truly leaves a stamp of excellence on

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What is Barre Class?

Barre Body class

Is barre class for dancers or non-dancers? Most people know that ballet dancers are some of the most fit people out there, with their long, lean muscles, flexibility and strength. It’s no wonder, then, that one of the most recent

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Spotlight on Capezio Las Vegas

Capezio Las Vegas Store

All of the Capezio retail stores around the globe carry the finest in Capezio’s line of dancewear: pointe shoes, jazz shoes, tap shoes, ballet slippers, leotards, tights, warmers and more. But there is often one product that each individual Capezio

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