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From humble beginnings…

It all started in 1887 and Capezio is still a family run business today.
We still make shoes by hand and we still believe that a dancer deserves the best. This is the story so far.

2 comments on “The Story So Far…
  1. karel klotz says:

    Do you still make the flats and other street shoes so popular in the 60′s? As a dancer, I not only wore all Capezio shoes and garments, but loved your shoes and boots. Why is there no store in Minneapolis, MN? Especially since we have Mall of America and several terrific outlets!

    • Joel - Capezio says:

      Hi Karel,
      We do still have some flats that were available in the 60s and some can still be made through our Custom Made Shoes department ( If you know what product you are looking for, we could take a deeper look for you.

      As far as stores that sell Capezio near Minneapolis, you can try Step N Stretch located at 13903 Aldrich Avenue, Burnsville, MI, 55337. It is 27 miles outside of Minneapolis and has a nice selection of Capezio products

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