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From humble beginnings…

It all started in 1887 and Capezio is still a family run business today.
We still make shoes by hand and we still believe that a dancer deserves the best. This is the story so far.

16 comments on “The Story So Far…
  1. karel klotz says:

    Do you still make the flats and other street shoes so popular in the 60’s? As a dancer, I not only wore all Capezio shoes and garments, but loved your shoes and boots. Why is there no store in Minneapolis, MN? Especially since we have Mall of America and several terrific outlets!

    • Joel - Capezio says:

      Hi Karel,
      We do still have some flats that were available in the 60s and some can still be made through our Custom Made Shoes department ( If you know what product you are looking for, we could take a deeper look for you.

      As far as stores that sell Capezio near Minneapolis, you can try Step N Stretch located at 13903 Aldrich Avenue, Burnsville, MI, 55337. It is 27 miles outside of Minneapolis and has a nice selection of Capezio products

      • Mary Negvesky says:

        Karel Klotz and Capezio,
        I know exactly what you are looking for. So am I !! Back in 1959 – 1960 the “so called rich” grils wore black Capezio flats. They had a lower heal that regular flats and the front was cut lower so you could just see the cracks in your toes. I worked my tail off so I could get a pair and I wore the a long time. I took them off when I got home from school so my sister would not borrow them. One was always noticed if they had on Capezios. I lived in Bethlehem, Pa. and am in Virginia now. It was a show stopper shoe.

        • Pamela Heidinger says:

          I loved my Red Capezio flats in the late sixties. They were referred to as the rich girls shoes. I have a photo of me wearing them. I would love to send you. I want a pair in every color. They were like wearing butter on your feet. I had them in 68 and 69 I believe. I am trying to see if I can get some made again. Anyone wants to see the photo to see if it is what you remembered email me at Put Capezio flats in the subject line. Thanks. Pam

  2. Gabriela says:

    The story of your brand is really inspiring and motivating.

  3. Teresa kisilewicz says:

    Do you have ballroomshoes for woman BR123S number 8. I can not find in store

  4. Pamela Heidinger says:

    Joel Capezio,

    I am trying to get some custom shoes made and not sure if I will get them. I have the old catalog and number of them from the catalog. Wouldn’t you keep the old patterns? I’m specifically looking for #35300
    it has a 1/2 inch beveled heel. It also comes in a 3/4 inch heel and a 1 1/2 inch heel. Do you keep those patterns in a file. The leather was so soft and so many 60’s baby boomers would love to have them make a come back. Just have to read all the blogs out there. They are even longing for just a photo of their most favorite shoes of all time. Take it from me.

    Pam Heidinger

  5. Lori Planz says:

    I wore Capezio’s in the 60s as well, all of them were unique and made me feel like a million dollars wearing them. I do wish you would bring back the street shoes from that generation- they were timeless and I would buy them again- even if I had to dip into my 401K!

    • Judy Barako says:

      My sister and I only wore Capezio also in the 60’s, it is so good to know there are many ladies want them too,maybe we’ll get lucky and Capezio will bring them back!

  6. Lori Johnson says:

    The most comfortable shoes that I’ve ever had were a pair of Capezio black leather pumps back in the 80’s. Do you not make these anymore? Or only custom made?

  7. Ann Roberts says:

    Dear Capezio,

    I see I am not the only one who weeps for the old flats of the 60’s & early 70’s. They were soft as the “teknik” ballet slippers. The best thing I could get as of 2001 were/are hard & stiff.
    They are not the only Capezios I weep for…….
    Seems like no sooner did you discontinue duro-toe point shoes, but the economy crashed again, and now dancers are gluing and sewing botched-uo tips on their pointe shoes because they can’t afford new pointe shoes every week (especially students need them) I teach a class of girls and I hear this from them. Certainly there must be enough market for duro-toe to re-introduce them to your current point shoe line.

    I also weep for the old Selva point shoes. They were heavenly on my feet. I keep looking for a similar style to replace them. Alas.

    Thank you so much for your years of so many excellent shoes.

    Ann Roberts

  8. janet vollan says:

    I wore these shoes back in the 60’s as well and loved all of them. I really liked the chuka boot and I can’t remember all the other names, still have one pair, my foot isn’t that narrow anymore, but I will never toss them! Is there a catalogue available of all the ones made? Sure would love to have one. Still have my old ballet slippers as well.

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