Capezio’s Best Kept Secret: Aria Pointe Shoes

Capezio’s Best Kept Secret: Aria Pointe Shoes

As dancers, we know that life without creativity would be “pointe”-less! During classes, we physically push our imagination to the limit through our routines, but what happens when we exit the studio? That is why we are selling our pointe shoe, Aria, for the low price of $10! (Click here to shop.)

What we forgot to mention are the amazing opportunities that come from decorating these shoes. Your house can get a complete makeover with pointe shoe signs that say how much you love dancing. Raise money for your studio by hosting a pointe shoe bedazzling experience. Sell pointe shoe wreathes that will make any dancers “daisy.”


We love these pointe shoes so much, that even our interns are joining in on the fun! Here are the instructions on how to take these pointe shoes to the next level.

 Step 1 - Get your supplies: 1 pair of Aria pointe shoes, 1 or 2 packages of acrylic gems (they come in many colors, but we recommend pink or silver), hot glue gun and extra hot glue sticks

 Step 2 - You can put glue directly onto the gem before applying it to the shoe (we recommend doing this for the larger sized gems). Or you can put glue directly onto the shoe and then press in each gem (we recommend doing this for the smaller sized gems).

Bedazzling Pointe Shoes


Whatever you decide to do with these shoes, make sure you share your designs with us!

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