Capezio Fishnets Will Take Your Star Quality Anywhere

October 7, 2018
Capezio Fishnets Will Take Your Star Quality Anywhere

Fishnets boost your glam factor by adding a dash of show-biz flair to even the most basic, everyday look. And they do it by playing tricks on the eye. The web-like pattern adds shade, making the leg appear long, tight and toned. Pairing them with a simple dress or a low skirt immediately brings subtle attention, without being too flashy or over-the-top.


“Wearing fishnets is now acceptable in the workplace because they are an everyday accessory just like the new ‘it’  bag or shoe,”said Maggie Eigen, a fashion stylist for women. Her tips: “They should never been worn with an extremely tight dress or skirt,” said Eigen, who advises against pairing them with busy patterns. “I prefer them with solids.”


Want a great example of how to wear fishnets? Fire up that clip of “Top Gun” when Kelly McGillis strides into the jet hangar to lecture on aerodynamics. She’s wearing a boxy jacket and a below-the-knee pencil skirt — with a pair of fishnets that Tom Cruise couldn't help but notice.


Capezio’s fishnets come in three varieties. The Crop Studio Fishnet Tight comes to the mid-calf, while the Studio Basics Seamless Fishnet Tight encloses the foot and is geared toward fashion. The Professional Fishnet Tights (with or without seams) are designed to meet the needs of performers. The bottom of the foot is solid, so toes won’t slide through the mesh, whether you’re walking to the office — or performing at the Super Bowl halftime. 


And it’s the durability of these tights that makes Capezio the go-to brand for everyone from Beyonce to Katy Perry. At the 2016 Super Bowl, Beyonce and her dancers wore black fishnets with their costumes. Beyonce and dance captain, Ashley Everett, said the dancers typically wear multiple pairs when performing.“I always have a black pair and nude pair in my bag with me just to be prepared for gigs,” she said.


When it comes to musical theater and film, costume designers let their imaginations run wild with fishnets too. In the revival of “Chicago,” entire unitards were made of fishnets, a look that Tony Award-winning costume designer William Ivey Long had custom-made in Austria.


Long also made the spider-web style legwear for actress Laverne Cox, who played Dr. Frankenfurter in Fox’s “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” The stockings are made out of laser-cut latex and offer a character-specific aesthetic option that still shapes the leg on top of a nude stocking. Spider-web stockings are a little outrageous for everyday. But any simple dress or long skirt paired with Capezio nude fishnets, is spot-on!


Original publication date: 10/16/17 by Suzy Evans. 
Revision edited by Alicia Drelich.