Capezio x GraphicGlitch Fashion Show

April 16, 2019
Capezio x GraphicGlitch Fashion Show

You're Invited!

The Capezio x GraphicGlitch Fashion Show

*where streetwear meets dancewear* 

This Capezio event will showcase GraphicGlitch's popular "split-tee" shirts paired with our newest collections: Tech & Recovery, Colorblock, Seamless Rib & more. 

BONUS: Capezio will be offering 15% OFF during the event!

GraphicGlitch Fashion Show



Date: 4/26/19

Time: 7-8pm

Location: 1651 State Route 23 - Wayne, NJ 07470 in Brentwood Plaza Shopping Center

Capezio will be the first to partner with GraphicGlitch, allowing this small business to gain its much-deserved audience. In honor of the event, GraphicGlitch will be releasing a special collection just for attendees to see. Be the first to have an exclusive look at their newest line of college-themed split tees!

GraphicGlitch and Capezio share one common goal: helping the youth follow their dreams. That is why we are giving away 2 Saturday night tickets to see Wayne Valley SDA, Student Dance Association. This association has helped many high school girls achieve many aspirations in dance. Need another reason to come? Capezio is offering a 15% coupon code for every attendee! We look forward to seeing you there!


About GraphicGlitch:

GraphicGlitch puts a twist on the classic T-shirt. The owner, Faith Vogel, runs the company by the phrase “why wear one graphic tee when you can wear two!” Anyone can tell where the shirt comes from by the unique split-down-the-middle design. As the company continues to grow, Vogel hopes to grow its target audience, as well as, cause the epic collision of dancewear and streetwear.