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Face of Capezio, Maddie Ziegler gives a shout out for the power of personal expression in her new film, “Dance in You”. Released February 9th, the film features Maddie as the playfully disruptive element in a dance class that spontaneously erupts into footloose freedom. An affirmation of individual self-expression through dance and movement, the film acknowledges the grace and heritage of ballet, while inspiring young dancers to find their own beat. Maddie’s looks for the film, and for our follow-up shoot, are composed of such Capezio classics as hip-hugging fold-down knit shorts, jazz oxfords, move-with-you leotards and stylishly cropped wrap-around tops – all styled to inspire you to layer your look. Self-expression in style, in movement, lies at the heart of “Dance in You”. Watch. Be playfully empowered.

Dance in You by CAPEZIO featuring Maddie Ziegler

Shadow Dancer

Game Face Mesh Crop Jacket and Geometric Tank Leotard worn with Knitted Shorts with fold-down waist in Black. Professional Fishnet tights, and K360 Character Oxford jazz shoes.

Dance In You by CAPEZIO featuring Maddie Ziegler | Soft Spot

Soft Spot

Camisole Leotard (Style TB49) in Nude with Cropped Crossover Sweater in Burnt Vanilla (Coming Soon). Studio Basic Fishnet Tights, and Showstopper Jazz shoes.

Dance In You by CAPEZIO featuring Maddie Ziegler | Lithe & Layered

Lithe & Layered

Long-sleeved, turtleneck Leotard in Maroon with contrasting Leap shoes.

Dance In You by CAPEZIO featuring Maddie Ziegler | Lace Up

Lace Up

Wrap around Crop Wrap Top with eyelet lace sleeves in Champagne, worn with Long Sleeve Unitard. Capezio basic Legwarmers, and Pirouette II shoes.

Directed by Bon Duke and shot in the Baryshnikov Arts Center. Choreography: Troy Schumacher. Stylist: Michaela Dosamantes. Creative direction: Quintero Creative for Capezio