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Code of Conduct/Terms of Use for Capezio Social Networks

Ballet Makers, Inc., (“Capezio”) is pleased to provide social media pages for exchanging ideas and interacting with people who have similar interests. Social media is a fantastic tool for sharing photos and experiences, learning about new topics, and keeping track of a group or company that interests you.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit this page to understand the community we are trying to create. Please review our online community guidelines regarding your responsibilities and Capezio’s role in the community. 

By using our social media sites, you agree to these Terms of Use:

Be Respectful. It’s okay to disagree with others, but you should do so in a respectful way that does not attack or disparage members of our online community.

Keep Your Comments on Topic. Capezio may edit or remove off-topic comments.

Protect Your Privacy. Comments are visible to the general public. Protect your privacy and don’t give out personal information such as email addresses, telephone numbers, or street addresses. Doing so may make you susceptible to spam and unauthorized communications, or worse. Capezio does not verify personal information posted by others.

Links to Other Web Sites. Capezio is not responsible for the content of any linked Web site, or any link contained in a linked Web site, or any changes or updates to such Web sites. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Capezio of that Web site. In addition, please be aware that Capezio is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other Web sites. Capezio encourages you to read the privacy statements of every Web site that requests personal information from you.

Posting Standards. As moderator of our social media, Capezio has the right to delete any posted comments at any time. We are likely to do so if your comment:

  • Is off-topic (as noted above).
  • Uses language that disparages people on the basis of personal characteristics such as race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political persuasion, body type, physical or mental health, etc. This includes, for example, language that is racist, sexist, or homophobic or denigrates members of a particular religion.
  • Is indecent, misleading, sexually explicit or contains profanity, obscenity, or vulgarity.
  • Is abusive, threatening, or inflammatory.
  • Is defamatory.
  • Breaks the law or condones or encourages unlawful activity.
  • Implicates an individual’s right to privacy.
  • Describes or encourages activities which are dangerous or which could endanger the safety or well-being of others.
  • Contains emails received from another person or live chat transcripts.
  • Misrepresents who is making the post or is posted anonymously.
  • Is what is generally considered “spam”, contains links to other sites or contains malicious software or links to malicious software. Please also refrain from posting links to e-commerce websites as well as advertisements for other web sites and services, or other commercial solicitation, chain letters, or pyramid schemes. In addition, any posts with a link directing users to any information or content that, if posted on our page, would constitute a violation of our Terms of Use will be considered a violation of our Terms of Use.

Further Use. Messages or stories shared on this site may be used by Capezio in its marketing activities.  As far as possible we will endeavour to contact users out of courtesy prior to doing so.


  • The viewpoints, opinions, and actions expressed in comments are those of the individuals themselves, and do not necessarily reflect Capezio’s policies or positions.
  • Capezio is not liable for any damages arising from, or related to use of, Capezio social media activities. You agree to indemnify Capezio and its owners, directors, officers, agents, employees, and representatives, and hold each of them harmless from any and all claims and expenses related to the use of Capezio social media. You acknowledge and agree that you are personally liable for the content of your posts and the consequences thereof.